Drop-in details

Classes are 60 minute vinyasa flow style sessions, and currently oscillate between two different paces of practice, Allegro and Lento Flow. Each week will be a different paced class than the previous week.

If you have your own yoga mat, please bring it to the class. If not, there are 14 thick yoga mats in the space, as well as 8 thinner mats. There are also cloths and mat cleaner for use, so if you are borrowing equipment in the space, please wipe down what you've used after the session. You are welcome to use the cloths and mat cleaner spray to clean your mat if you've brought your own as well.

Additionally, there are 2 small change rooms within the space available to you, which is also the area where we can keep coats/bags for the duration of the session. 

To ensure enough space for each attendee, classes are strictly capped at 8 people maximum. 

*Multi-class pass holders, please refer back to this page to double-check vacancy for classes before proceeding to reserve your spot via the link provided.

Upcoming classes


Class Types

Allegro Flow

Multi-level rhythmic flow style class. Expect dynamic yet fluid movements following the tempo of your breath and the beat of the music.

Lento Flow

Multi-level yin-informed flow style class. Strengthen and restore with a slower paced practice focussing on alignment and bodily awareness.


Single Drop-in - $15 (purchase here)


All drop-in classes are held at Friendship Fitness, located inside "The Village". 

Address: 4039 Brentwood Rd NW, Calgary, AB, T2L 1L1

There is only one entrance to the building. Once you enter, go down the stairs to the immediate right of the elevator, walk straight down the hall through the doorway, until you reach a door that reads  FRIENDSHIP FITNESS STUDIO. Two of the walls you will pass along the way also  have directional signage to help you navigate the lower level. It will be a black door with white writing, and directly across the hall from the washrooms. 

Please remove footwear before entering the studio space. You can use the provided shelf to store your shoes. Coats/bags can be stored in the change room area inside of the studio.

Ample parking (80 stalls) is available surrounding the front and side of the building, and it is about a 5 minute walk from Brentwood LRT station. Exit the station towards the CO-OP, and walk towards the left if you are facing CO-OP.  "The Village" will be right behind the yellow/beige building from this view.



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