Privacy Policy

Melody Yoga does not actively or directly solicit a customer's financial or contact information. 

However, as a result of engaging third party servicers for the purpose of collecting payment for drop-in yoga classes, registered yoga programs, and private and occupational yoga sessions, Melody Yoga inevitably gains access to certain customer information.

The third party servicers engaged with for payment collection purposes are:

-PayPal Canada Co.
-Square Technologies, Inc.

The information collected by the third parties are:

-full name
-email address
-contact phone number
-postal address
-last 4 digits of credit card

Access to the above information is gained for the sole purpose of helping the transaction process, and all information collected from the transaction is kept private. Melody Yoga and the aforementioned third party servicers take the required security practices to keep your data secure.

Please note that this privacy policy may change and/or be updated without notice. Users of this website may refer to the date listed below this policy for the date of the last update.

Any and all queries or concerns regarding this privacy policy may be directed to Melody Young, owner of Melody Yoga, at:

Last updated: 4 June 2021

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