Who benefits

Private yoga sessions are an effective way to develop and sustain your  yoga practice, and are curated to suit your current needs. Regardless of where you are on your yoga journey, customized sessions can help you build self-confidence and revel in self-compassion. My guidance will aid you in discovering and noticing how your body moves in space, whilst quieting the mind, and engaging in the present.

I design a bespoke regimen unique to where  you  are now. 

These sessions are perfect for:

  • anyone who is new to yoga, wanting to lay the groundwork for cultivating a practice
  • those familiar with yoga, wanting to refine and build on their existing practice
  • anyone wanting one on one attention and personalized guidance for their practice
  • anyone wishing to focus on a specific aspect of their practice (e.g. increasing range of motion, alignment, improve balance and body awareness)
  • someone wanting to incorporate yoga into their routine, who is unable to attend studio classes due to schedule restraints

Private group sessions can also be arranged upon request. Please inform me of how many people will be attending.

Session details

**Clients must supply their own yoga mat. I will provide all necessary props.**

All new clients must book an Intake & Assessment Session, prior to booking their first block of  Follow Up  Sessions.

Intake & Assessment Session (75 minutes):

The initial session is comprised of a discussion of goals and expectations for your unique yoga program, in addition to a 60 minute practice of a standard yoga sequence to assess range of motion, mobility, etc. During this assessment, I will take note of any injuries and/or postural imbalances, and offer modifications as we work through the sequence together. Following the asana practice, I will share my observations, and collect feedback from you so I can begin to construct the most appropriate action plan for follow up sessions.

Follow Up Sessions (60 minutes):

Follow up sessions can be booked as blocks of three (3), five (5), or 10 sessions. Each session we will work through a 60 minute sequence consisting of poses and movements to address the specific concerns and goals discussed during the Intake Session. I will be available for additional support between sessions via email or text.

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