Who benefits

**All occupational sessions  are currently held via Zoom**

Corporate classes designed just for you and your team. Sessions accommodate multi-level ability, and are tailored to address the unique needs of your company. No workplace is identical to another, and the same applies to the physical discomfort that can result from the many positions employees' bodies are in to complete tasks. 

For instance, the seated position a receptionist takes at a desk differs from the seated position a tattoo artist may take to perform their work. This is why it makes sense to have your employees engage in a yoga practice that has been tailored to their line of work.

Additionally, these sessions can aid in improving focus and clarity of mind resulting in increased productivity, and help replenish energy levels while lowering mental stress from the workday.

Session details

Sessions can be booked as a one-off or recurring  fortnightly or monthly 45 minute livestream sessions.

Please purchase the session(s) prior to attempting to book your preferred time(s). Payment must be received in full  and booking must be accepted  for sessions to proceed as scheduled. 


$150 per 45 minute session for up to 12 people (inclusive)

Afterwards, the additional rate is $7 per person

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